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Chrysocolla Azurite Malachite Pseudomorph Specimens

Chrysocolla Azurite Malachite Pseudomorph Specimens

Pseudomorphs are crystals of a mineral that has replaced another. Often as temperature conditions change, hot hydrothermal fluids moving in the Earth permeate different rocks, changing them from the ones that they originated in.

Azurite--sometimes called a "stone of heaven"--is commonly believed to provide insight into all areas of life, promote intuition, stimulate creativity, dissolve impediments and soften cold intellectualism with love and compassion. Malachite, with its striking green bands of color, has been said to encourage action, enact change, heal heartache, enhance creativity, increase fertility and protect the spirit. Chrysocolla has the ability to bring harmony, increase wisdom and guide you toward discretion. It promotes level headedness, encouraging clarity of thought and a neutral, calm attitude during turbulence by purifying the home, environment and the mind. Use it to decrease nervousness and irritability.

United as azurite-malachite-chrysocolla, it is believed this mineral blends different traits together, freshens the user's outlook on life, as well as dissolving egocentric characteristics; dispelling conceit, arrogance and vanity; calming anxiety and enhancing flexibility in motion and thought.

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